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meatball filled double crust pizza with pepperoni

Meatball Filled Double Crust Pizza with Pepperoni

This pepperoni pizza is a combination between a pizza and a pie, since two layers of dough are used. This recipe for pepperoni pizza contains two kinds of cheese, oregano, pizza sauce and the turkey meatballs give it a meatball sliders pizza flavor. Turkey pepperoni is also used to finish it off nicely.

If you want, you can use regular meatballs and normal pepperoni but the turkey flavored ones are pretty good too. If you are bored with tomato and cheese pizzas, why not try this recipe for pepperoni pizza? It is deliciously different and very tasty. Do not forget to make slits in the top of the pizza pie so the steam can escape.

A pizza pie made by doubling over the dough or using 2 crusts instead of one is something you can do if you crave the Italian appeal and flavor of pizza but you fancy something a little different. Rather than make calzone, which is an individual pastry crust containing a filling, and usually serves just one person, this recipe makes a pizza pie which can be sliced into wedges and makes enough to serve a number of people. Continue reading

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