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Spicier Mexican Lasagna Recipe

If you have ever wondered why there are so many different recipes for lasagna, it is probably because there are so many different types of pasta. The pasta section of the supermarket is incredible with its many different styles of pasta. Fortunately, someone figured out how to dry fresh pasta so it was still delicious after cooking when needed. There are literally hundreds of shapes and sizes of dried pasta in Italy. There is farfalle, the cute little bow ties and the favorite tennis racquet, called racchette.

The laws of Italy are quite specific about dried pasta, since it can only include water and 100 percent durum semolina flour. Most manufacturers around the world follow this guideline. Italian pasta makers have an extra step or two they take to make pasta better. Extrusion is where pasta is forced from a copper mold before it is cut and dried, and is what makes the ridges on ziti, penne, and lasagna noodles. It is an expensive process and allows the sauce to stay on the pasta.

When the pasta is cut, the drying temperature and length of drying time make a difference in the taste and texture. Italian pasta is worth the extra price for special pasta dinners because they follow the guidelines and produce the best quality because of it. Traditional pasta dries for nearly 50 hours at a low temperature. The result is pasta that holds sauce, tastes better, and cooks more quickly. With all the pasta eaten every year across the world, it is understandable that mass production has to take shortcuts. Treat your family now and then to the real thing. Continue reading

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Even if you are brand new to this cuisine, you will be able to find all kinds of tempting recipes here. I have been collecting classic Italian recipes, all conveniently in one place, along with unusual recipes from Italy plus some dishes inspired by Italian cuisine.

When the weather is cold, a baked pasta dish or juicy pork or veal recipe might be ideal. During the summer months, an Italian salad might be your dish of choice. We have vegetarian recipes, Italian soups, and even tips on how to work with Italian ingredients for the best results, whether you are making lasagna, gnocchi or an Italian casserole


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