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Homemade Organic Vegetarian Pizza Recipe Mushrooms

Vegetarians often find that pizza walks the line between the foods they can eat and not eat. On the one hand, the dough, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and other vegetable toppings are the perfect meal for them. On the other hand, many vegetarians prefer to not eat cheese, and the pepperoni and other meat toppings cannot be eaten.

The vegetarian pizza recipe laid out below uses only the best of the vegetable toppings with an organic cheese to create the perfect pizza. Melted onto a thick pizza crust, the cheese is a light, flavorful organic cheese that is not processed in any way. The toppings are all the favorite vegetable toppings, including mushrooms, onions, and even some broccoli for good measure.

You will find that this recipe truly is a delight, and all of your friends will agree that the simple pizza will be a tasty dish for any occasion. The best thing about your homemade pizza is that you can make it however you want, and you will find that the following recipe can be customized and altered however you want. Continue reading

Delicious Chicken and Vegetable Pizza

This chicken pizza is a great way to get your vegetables, and if you choose a low fat crust, part skim dairy products, and a lighter quantity of cheese, it is also one that will be pretty healthy. That is two great things in one chicken and mushroom pizza recipe!

Your family will love it, too. When is the last time your kids asked for more servings of their veggies? Just remember to use fresh, high quality ingredients and avoid canned ones. There is a real taste difference when the recipe is done. Using a premade crust makes the cooking go faster, so you can have fresh baked pizza, even after a long day at work.

Once your pizza crust has been browned, it is time to add your cheese, chicken and vegetables, along with some basil. The pizza just needs to bake them, until the edges of the crust are golden brown and the cheese has melted attractively over the top. This delicious feast is then ready to serve to your hungry family, and it is sure to go down a real treat with them. Continue reading

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