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Why Pizza is Wonderfully Unique

The hundreds of unique pizza recipes are one reason why pizzas are so well loved. There are plenty of pizza dough recipes, pizza sauce recipes and everyone has their favorite combination of toppings to finish off the pizza just right. You can eat pizza hot with the melted cheese still dripping or cold the next day as part of a packed lunch. Most of us will happily admit that we have enjoyed leftover pizza for breakfast!

If you like unique pizzas or you are looking for a unique pizza recipe, the endless combinations are sure to delight you. Sometimes the most simple pizza recipes are the best and a plain pizza margarita, which is mozzarella and tomato, can hit the spot, especially when a few herbs are cleverly added too. Basil goes very nicely with cheese and tomato and traditional Italian pizza fans would heartily agree. Parsley is nice on potato pizza and cilantro enhances oriental flavored pizzas and Mexican pizza recipes.

New Pizza Topping Trends

You might think you have tried most types of pizza but there are new varieties appearing all the time. The latest gourmet toppings include spinach, crayfish, dandelions, sprouts and venison and worldwide toppings include squid, fried egg, cream, pickled ginger, salmon and coconut (not all at once, of course!).

Why Pizza is Wonderfully UniqueWhether you prefer thin and crispy vegetarian pizza recipes, deep pan pizzas topped with lashings of melted cheese and different kinds of meat or something else, there is a pizza recipe for you. Making your own pizza is fun and you can even make grilled pizza if you have friends over. Even if you have a sparse kitchen without pizza stones, pizza cutters or fancy dishes, you can still make a deliciously unique pizza recipe.

Useful Pizza Cooking Tips

The best pizza-cooking tip is not to be afraid to be creative. Italian chefs are known for having a great zest for life and a love of food, drink, and good living. The Italians love rich, satisfying foods and the combination of freshly made dough; ripe tomatoes, fresh vegetables, tasty meat, and melted cheese make pizza one of their favorite foods. There are lots of pizza recipes for you to try out, suitable for meat lovers, vegetarians, seafood fans and more.

If the pizzas you have been enjoying have been of the take out variety as opposed to homemade, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with dough recipes, pizza sauce recipes, and possible pizza toppings. You might want to start off making pizza recipes, which use readymade dough and then move on to making the whole pizza from scratch.

Find More Pizza Cooking Tips for Perfect Pizza Recipes everytime on our Pizza Cooking Tips page. In addition, you can find other helpful info in the article section on ways to simplify your pizza making experience.

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