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A Real New York Style Pizza Dough Recipe

New York style pizza dough is pretty recognizable. It has a puffy outer crust and a very thin, foldable center. The outside of the crust may be cooked to a dark brown. Generally, this kind of pizza uses no pans when cooked in the pizzeria. The pizza is put together on a peel, and then cooked right on the oven deck.

That is why, to simulate the deck of a commercial oven, you should use unglazed quarry tiles or a pizza stone. You will be able to cook without using a pan and create a crisp on the outside, bready on the inside crust that’s reminiscent of the best pizza places in New York. Place your tiles or stones on the lowest oven rack for the best results.

To make a typical New York pizza crust you will need high-gluten flour, water, yeast, oil, and salt. These ingredients need to be combined, kneaded, and then chilled overnight. You then need to get your oven as hot as it will go, and while you are waiting you can stretch out the dough, add your toppings and get it ready to bake. Continue reading

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