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pesto pizza sauce recipe

Perfect Pesto Pizza Sauce

Pesto pizza sauce is a change from regular tomato based sauces that is flavorful and fun, and it is getting a lot more popular. Pesto also makes a great sandwich spread, toast topping, dip, and is great in any number of other uses. Adding parsley, lemon and red pepper to this recipe gives it a bit more zing on your pie.

Top your pesto pizza with goat cheese roasted cherry tomatoes and roasted garlic for a fantastic taste treat. Try this excellent basil based Italian food on just about everything – not just pizza. While you are waiting for the nuts to cool, you can just put the remaining ingredients in the food processor. Taste as you go along to figure out what the best ingredient balance is for you.

Most of us have enjoyed pasta tossed with pesto sauce, but not many of us have used such a sauce on a pizza, in which case why not try this recipe, because the pesto is amazing with the other ingredients in a pizza, especially if you add tomato slices and mozzarella on top, so you get the classic tomato, mozzarella and basil trio that Italians love. You just have to toast the pine nuts, and the quickest way to do this (unless the oven happens to be hot already) is to put them in a dry skillet and let them become aromatic and golden brown. Continue reading

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