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Old Fashioned Sour Dough Pizza Dough Recipe

Before the days of instant yeast, almost every baker kept sour dough on hand to provide the rise for his or her bread. Sour dough breads, like this pizza crust, do not have to be sour. Many of them can be quite sweet. It all depends on how long the dough is allowed to rise and develop flavor.

If you have sour dough at home, you will be thrilled with the pizza this recipe creates. It is a great way to use up excess starter, since you can make the sour dough pizza in advance and freeze the shells. Then thaw them, top, and bake! You will be ready for unexpected company, and everyone will love the results.

Pizza is hip and trendy, but it has been around for more than a century, so as well as this modern appeal it also boats a historic appeal which traditionalists will love. Stick with an old-fashioned recipe rather than a stuffed-crust or other modern take on pizza, and you can be sure to enjoy something with a wonderful flavor, which has been made that way for many years. Continue reading

Boston Style Pizza Dough Recipe

Boston style gourmet pizza is a popular variety of pizza from Canada – go figure – but with a US flair.. However, it is not as ubiquitous as others. That means you might find yourself living in an area without a Boston style pizza. If you cannot get this one of a kind pizza, you do not have to do without.

Here is a Boston style pizza dough recipe that will do the trick. The recipe takes a remarkably short time to cook, and results in a pleasant, crisp crust. It is not so hard that it is hard to chew, but not super soft, either. Top with your favorite meats, vegetables and cheeses, and see how it comes out. You might be surprised.

Whether you are serving this to adults, kids or a mixed crowd, this pizza will go down a treat with everyone. Go to Boston and everyone is talking about Greek or Italian pizza, rather than a typical Boston style, but what is meant by ‘Boston pizza’ is a crust similar to Bertucci’s, Pizza Regina or Papa Gino’s, the 3 best-known pizza chains in Boston. Continue reading

Basic Pizza Dough Recipe

Ever seen chefs on TV cooking shows or in movies tossing pizza dough up in the air and turning out perfect pies? It might seem like it is impossible to duplicate their efforts. After all, you do not have access to specialty pizza ovens, the ingredients they can use, or the tools. At least, not without a lot of work.

However, you should not think it is impossible to make good pizza dough at home using the tools, utensils and ingredients you have available. It just takes a little work and the right technique, plus a good pizza dough recipe. The result is one that is perfectly delicious, made at home, without anything expensive. Try it yourself. You will be surprised by how easy this basic pizza dough recipe makes eating homemade pizza.

Some recipes for pizza crust will include ingredients like parmesan, dried mixed herbs, garlic or onion, but this one keeps things basic, offering a nice base for your preferred sauce and toppings. Use bread flour or a high-gluten flour to get the perfect texture. Yes you can substitute all-purpose flour but your crust will not have that lovely chewiness the best pizza crusts and most authentic recipes offer, so it is worth using bread flour. Continue reading

Quick Pizza Dough Recipe for Busy Days

Have you ever wanted to make pizza at home from scratch, but made the decision too close to dinner? Most pizza doughs require at least an hour of rising time, and some require a whole day! That can make it tricky to make a delicious pizza at home if you have not been able to plan ahead. Not all of us remember to keep dough in the freezer at all times.

This quick pizza dough simply involves mixing a few basic ingredients together, patting the dough into the pan, topping, and baking. There is no need to wait for the dough to rise. While the result will not be as fabulous as a dough you have slaved over, it is still a tasty one, and it happens a whole lot faster.

Far superior to a readymade pizza crust, and better than frozen dough too, the crust this recipe offers you a way of making something the whole family is going to love. If you have enjoyed a top quality pizza in an authentic Italian restaurant, made from scratch by a professional Italian chef, you will already know what great pizza crust is supposed to taste like. Continue reading

Pizza Dough for Pan Pizza

Pan pizza is perhaps the most famous pizza there is and these delicious pizzas are known the world over. If you want to know how to make pizza dough in the pan pizza style, this recipe produces enough pan pizza style dough for one pizza.

This pan pizza dough recipe is simple to make and it is great to know that you can make your own satisfying pizza at home from scratch, rather than having to order in. The following pizza dough recipe uses salt and sugar for flavor, as well as flour, water, salt and oil to make it doughy. You can top this pizza with whichever toppings you fancy.

Thin and crispy is often the way to go when making pizza because that is the more authentic Italian type and you can expect a delicious, slightly chewy result. If you are in the mood for something else however, you might like to try this pan pizza dough recipe instead. Continue reading

Cheese and Onion Pizza Dough Recipe

This pizza dough recipe makes enough dough for a thick crust pizza, two thin crust pizzas or several calzones. The cheese and onion used in this pizza dough recipe give it a wonderful flavor and you can choose which type of pizza you want out of thin crust, thick crust or calzone and choose your preferred sauce and toppings.

If you want to know how to make pizza dough, this is a very nice recipe to begin with. Herbs are nice to add to pizza recipes but you need to make sure they are very finely ground. Two teaspoons of herbs on one pizza is sufficient for a gentle flavor.

Yes you can buy readymade dough or even cooked pizza crusts from the store, and those can be handy and timesaving, but if you want the freshest, very best result, nothing beats making your own pizza crust from scratch. Doing this also means you can choose which ingredients to add to the dough, so if you fancy adding your favorite dried herbs you can do that, or you can add parmesan and onion like in the following recipe, for something unique and unusual. Continue reading

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