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Homemade Alfredo Pizza Sauce Recipe

After tomato sauce, Alfredo or white sauce is probably the favorite for pizzas. There are so many different things it goes well with, from chicken and bacon to garlic and spinach. Artichoke hearts are great with Alfredo pizza sauce, too. If you have only ever tried this Italian favorite on pasta, you are in for a tasty treat. It is one of the best things that can happen to your pizza.

There are a lot of different variations on Alfredo sauce, from the simplest butter and cheese sauces, combined by the heat of fresh pasta, to more complex sauces requiring careful preparation. This Alfredo pizza sauce is somewhere in between, and easier to spread on a crust than the more authentic but more difficult to manage sauces. Try it out yourself!

You will need to sauté some garlic in butter, then add parmesan cheese, cream, and some salt and pepper. Those are the only ingredients required to make this lovely sauce, and you cook it to mix all the ingredients perfectly, then let it cool and finally spread it over your pizza crust. Add your favorite toppings and then you can bake the pizza and expect the most fabulous results. Homemade pizza is always good but this creamy sauce is especially good because of the rich flavor it offers and the thick, luxurious texture. Continue reading

Simple Basic Pizza Sauce

There are lots of great tasting, fancy pizza sauces out there suitable for a gourmet pie, but sometimes that is not what you’re looking for. When you are in a hurry or you do not want to make something special – just something good – a basic pizza sauce does the trick. There is no complicated cooking, no special timing, and no extra expensive ingredients.

A good basic sauce is not too fatty for everyday, but it still hits the spot. If you were thinking there is no such thing, you would be wrong. This basic pizza sauce is easy and all purpose. Use it for dipping, for making pizza bread, or any number of other options. It even tops pasta well!

The ingredients you need to make this sauce are tomatoes, of course, plus basil, garlic and tomato paste, as well as some salt and pepper to round out the flavor. Combining these few ingredients will result in a high quality pizza sauce which is more authentic than some of these sauces which include a complex range of ingredients. Because the sauce is basically basil, garlic and tomatoes, you will find it is versatile enough for any pizza crust, or to combine with any toppings. Continue reading

Quick and Simple Pizza Sauce

Many people make the mistake of believing that a great pizza sauce has to have lots of ingredients, but that is not true at all. What it really all boils down to is that ingredient quality is most important. You cannot disguise low quality under a lot of heavy spices and toppings. If you choose the right basic things to make up your pizza, you will get a great result.

Here is a wonderful simple pizza sauce recipe from a real pizza shop owner. It might not seem like there is much to it, but there really does not need to be. Use good tomatoes and other ingredients, and the result will be fantastic. You will stop worrying about all those other, more complex recipes and leave them for spaghetti sauce instead.

You will be sure to read the list of ingredients at least twice, wondering whether something is missing. How can canned tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil and salt be the only things you need to make a pizza sauce which is good enough for an Italian chef to be proud of? The key to the success of this sauce is down to its simplicity. Use good quality tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil and those wonderful and authentic Italian flavors will shine through. Continue reading

Authentic Sicilian Pizza Sauce

Real Sicilian pizza is something that is hard to find, but it is worth it when you get it. Part of the secret is in the sauce. Sicilian pizza uses a delicious and relatively simple sauce with a lot of anchovies and sometimes pecorino cheese, and the cheese is placed beneath the sauce.

Most of us are more familiar with Neapolitan pizza, so this looks a little odd. Sometimes, toppings are baked right into the crust itself. Here is a Sicilian pizza sauce that will help you put together the perfect pie.

There are not many ingredients in this sauce, just the tomatoes, tomato paste and oil you might be expecting, as well as garlic, anchovies and a touch of salt and black pepper to round out the flavor. Italian cooks are passionate about using fresh, good quality produce and when they can keep the flavors simple, like in this recipe, they will do that, rather than overcomplicate the dish by adding too many things to it. Continue reading

Perfect Pesto Pizza Sauce

Pesto pizza sauce is a change from regular tomato based sauces that is flavorful and fun, and it is getting a lot more popular. Pesto also makes a great sandwich spread, toast topping, dip, and is great in any number of other uses. Adding parsley, lemon and red pepper to this recipe gives it a bit more zing on your pie.

Top your pesto pizza with goat cheese roasted cherry tomatoes and roasted garlic for a fantastic taste treat. Try this excellent basil based Italian food on just about everything – not just pizza. While you are waiting for the nuts to cool, you can just put the remaining ingredients in the food processor. Taste as you go along to figure out what the best ingredient balance is for you.

Most of us have enjoyed pasta tossed with pesto sauce, but not many of us have used such a sauce on a pizza, in which case why not try this recipe, because the pesto is amazing with the other ingredients in a pizza, especially if you add tomato slices and mozzarella on top, so you get the classic tomato, mozzarella and basil trio that Italians love. You just have to toast the pine nuts, and the quickest way to do this (unless the oven happens to be hot already) is to put them in a dry skillet and let them become aromatic and golden brown. Continue reading

Great Tasting Organic Pizza Sauce

With the move towards organic foods and a greater focus on thinking about where what we eat comes from, more and more of us are paying attention to how our foods are made. For many of us, that means cooking at home a lot more and concentrating on using only organic ingredients or buying only organic products. However, how do you know whether a store bought organic pizza sauce is really organic?

After all, the regulations surrounding organic labeling can be pretty fuzzy. Here is an organic pizza sauce recipe that allows you to control the ingredients and know whether or not your food really is from a sustainable, healthy source. Just make sure you buy raw ingredients you trust, down to the herbs and spices.

Not only is organic food healthier for you because it is free from pesticides, herbicides and other undesirable chemicals, but it is also tastier. You will be able to smell the rich aroma of an organic tomato through the skin and organic herbs also smell especially good. Combine these ingredients and you will be making a sauce for your pizza which will complement the flavor and also be good for you. Continue reading

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