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recipe for italian lasagna

A Delicious Homemade Recipe for Italian Lasagna

Do you and your family have a regular lasagna night at home? Many families love to get together and eat lasagna. Maybe you already have a lasagna recipe that you have been making for years. This is fine. However, have you ever considered learning how to make different types of lasagna? You can use all sorts of ingredients to make the types of lasagna that is most appealing to you and your family.

Making lasagna might look difficult or time consuming but in reality, it is easy to learn how to make homemade traditional Italian lasagna. It is easy to make any other type of lasagna as well when you follow the directions. You will only need a few ingredients to prepare a great tasting meal. You will only need about thirteen ingredients to make this dish.

For instance, if you have some cooked lasagna noodles, some hamburger, onions, garlic, tomato sauce, olive oil, parsley and eggs as well as some ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and some parmesan cheese, you can make this easy to make lasagna recipe. You can have it ready to serve for lunch or dinner. Surprise your family tonight and make a delicious lasagna recipe. Continue reading

Easy Recipe for Italian Lasagna

Imagine the earthy aroma of mushrooms sautéing on the stove with fresh onion. The sizzle of fresh ground beef browning in a large pot over the stove. Just a bit later the rich fragrance of sun ripened tomatoes simmering into a delectable sauce. Hints of oregano and basil carried on a breeze waft to your nostrils. Imagine this tantalizing aroma and you have imagined an authentic Italian kitchen as an Italian Lasagna meal is prepared. Rich, aromatic and simply stated; perfect.

Fresh baked beef Lasagna is a meal that will satisfy the most ferocious of appetites. Hearty beef and creamy cheese infused with aromatic spices and earthy mushrooms. This meal easily serves six to eight hungry people. It is easy to make and requires just a few simple steps to make a wonderful meal.

To make the best baked beef Lasagna always use the freshest ingredients. This enhances the flavor of this easy Italian Lasagna meal enormously. Continue reading

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