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One of the Simplest Recipes Ground Beef Lasagna

Lasagna is perhaps the most well known of Italian entrees, second only to Spaghetti. This oven baked dish has a long history in Europe. Originally a Greek dish of meats and cheeses baked in a brick oven using local available ingredients. It was not until the early Romans adopted the dish and it spread to Britain that it became known as Lasagna.

Today, Lasagna is most typically associated with Italian food and the rich earthy cheeses of the area. Typically, when one thinks of Lasagna the picture of vine ripe tomatoes, rich tomatoes sauces, herbs and cheese are envisioned. Baked to a golden brown with rich flavor and melted rich cheese among a layer of pasta. A glass of wine and hearty conversation around the table completes the picture.

Such is the picture and such is the case in most every home that enjoys Lasagna. Rich herb infused tomato meat sauce, rich and creamy melted cheeses baked to perfection. Family and friends gather to enjoy hearty helpings of beef lasagna isolated on a white dinner platter. A sparkling white dinner plate is the perfect frame for beef lasagna isolated to showcase the richness and perfection. A glass of delicious red wine for the adults and cool refreshing lemonade for the youngsters finishes it off just right. Traditional lasagna cooked to perfection at its best for your family to enjoy. Continue reading

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