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Nice Rice Lasagna Recipe

When we think of Italian cuisine, it is so easy to focus on pasta. In some parts of the world the other great staple, rice, is the key ingredient to creating healthy filling meals. That does not stop anyone from using his or her favorite tomato-beef sauce or white sauce. It just means that instead of noodles the starch will be rice. With a combination of cheese, herbs, and spice, the meal will be delicious and add yet another favorite recipe to the collection. This rice lasagna is perfect for lunch or dinner, freezes well, and reheats quickly in the microwave oven.

It is very common to go to the cupboard and pull out a pack of rice to use in a recipe. One of the most amazing things is that there are more than 40,000 varieties of rice. The kernels vary in size, taste, shape, and cooking requirements. One of the most common types of rice is short grain rice, good for desserts like pudding, sweets, sushi, and croquettes. Long grain rice is exceptionally good when making pilaf. To add an interesting appearance to steamed rice or pilaf, add wild rice.

To make the lasagna, use sticky rice. It has a glutinous composition that holds together, whether it is long or short grain rice and maintains its integrity when frozen and after being thawed. An ideal type is U.S. sweet rice, a plump, short chalky white kernel. Cooking causes it to lose its shape and become glutinous, producing the lasagna-like texture desired in rice lasagna. Other types of rice produce a small difference in the texture and usually do not interfere with the results. Continue reading

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