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Fancy Rolled Lasagna Recipe and Cooking Tips

Lasagna is delicious and quite simple to prepare at home. Take advantage of the great shortcut of prepared sauces with different flavors, available in cans or jars. Add additional herbs and spices to the sauce if you want, such as garlic powder, basil, or thyme. Buy the meat sauce or cook up the meat of your choice and add it to your sauce while it is warming up. Add chopped garlic, celery and bell peppers for extra flavor.

Always wash raw veggies and herbs before cooking or eating them. The pesticides, field dirt, and bacteria may still be present. Peel the carrots and potatoes after you wash them. It is such an advantage to do the prep work and eliminate the chance of digestive problems. When you find a reliable produce market, be a faithful customer.

The number of servings listed in a recipe is a guideline. If you realize that the lasagna in the oven will not satisfy the family appetite, think of side dishes and serve them as appetizers, such as minestrone soup and a green salad with tomatoes, kidney beans, and garlic croutons. That will help ease the hollow feeling while the lasagna finishes cooking. Making several different lasagna recipes helps you discover which ones you and the famil6y like best and how much to cook. Lasagna freezes very well and only needs a short time in the oven or microwave before it is ready to eat. Continue reading

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