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Extremely Delicious Lasagna with Salmon Recipe

One of the most colorful heroes of olden times is Marco Polo, a great adventurer and excellent businessperson. Like many celebrities of yore, there is quite a bit of mystique to be taken with a grain of salt. Some history books tell of his wonderful contribution to Italian cuisine by bringing pasta back from China on one of his journeys to that far and distant land. Another version of the pasta story talks about finding a food in China that was popular in Italy centuries before, when the Romans were in control of the land, but lost from the culinary offerings of Polo’s time.

Actually, pasta was alive and well during the time of Marco Polo and the durum wheat noodle that he brought back was similar to those cooked in an oven during ancient Rome’s glory, rather than boiled like pasta has been for many centuries. There were different types of tea, spices, and silks that returned with Polo, but lasagna had yet to become known. In our time, a pasta shortage is a reality.

Americans truly love pasta and Italians love it more. Whereas Americans consume about twenty pounds of pasta per person each year, Italians exceed sixty pounds each. There are good farms in that country but the pasta demands exceed the wheat that available to make pasta. Italy has to import quite a great deal of wheat to fill the pasta gap for their meals. The pasta is fresh or dried and the type of meal being cooked determines whether pasta will be used fresh or dried. Many nations have turned their farmlands into cement housing and that creates a problem with producing enough pasta for everyone. Continue reading

Sensational Lasagna with Salmon, Leeks and Shrimp

This flavorful seafood lasagna is made with salmon and shrimp, as well as a creamy tomato and herb sauce. If you are in the mood for the best lasagna recipe but you crave seafood rather than meat, no problem – this recipe will satisfy your hunger completely.

Choose skinless, boneless salmon filets for the best results, running your fingertips along the salmon to check for any little bones. Sometimes you can find little bones in a filet even though they are meant to be boneless. With the shrimps it is best to choose medium-size ones. Little ones can go rubbery in the oven and huge ones will look out of proportion in the finished seafood lasagna recipe.

Use medium shrimp and cook them until they are just pink. You can swap the Havarti for mozzarella if you prefer, or even half cheddar and half mozzarella. Similarly, the leeks can be swapped for broccoli or spinach. Continue reading

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