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shrimp and artichoke risotto

Shrimp and Artichoke Risotto

Here we are pairing shrimp and artichoke to make a delicious risotto. This is made in the authentic way, adding a little liquid to the rice until it has been absorbed and then adding more and so on until the rice is done. Although this is a bit more labor-intensive than, say, cooking macaroni and tossing it with a sauce, risotto is a classic, timeless Italian recipe, and one which is well worth making. It will take anywhere up to 30 minutes to cook the rice perfectly, depending which type you are using.

You can use fresh or thawed shrimp here. If you have frozen ones, put them in a bowl of cold water with some teaspoon of salt dissolved in there, and they will thaw quickly. You can then peel and devein them. We are using canned artichoke hearts but you can use a couple of fresh globe artichokes hearts if you prefer, or omit them, or switch them for asparagus or mushrooms, as you wish. Use risotto rice, preferably Arborio or Carnaroli, for making this, so you get that perfect creamy texture risotto is famous for. This is widely available in the store.

Whether you are new to making risotto or simply looking for a new risotto recipe, this one is really good, especially if you want to add some seafood to your meal. Enjoy this with a mixed baby leaf salad on the side, pairing that with a simple extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Some people like to have bread with risotto, which means lots of carbs but it is your choice. You can finish the cooked risotto with parsley, dill weed or any other herb you want, either chopping it and stirring it in with the shrimp or using it as a garnish. Continue reading

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