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Spaghetti with Tomato and Shrimp

This is a great recipe. It is simple to make but boats an exquisite flavor. Spaghetti is perfect for this, although you could use another kind of ribbon pasta, like fettuccine, or even pasta shapes such as penne or rigatoni. Diced tomatoes form the basis of the sauce, and it is nice to use the ones with green chilies, but use the plain ones if that is what you have in the cupboard. Lemon juice, onion, garlic, parsley, and red pepper flakes go into the mix as well.

Use medium shrimp for this recipe, either fresh or thawed ones. If you use thawed ones ensure they are well-drained because frozen seafood holds a lot of moisture. Peel the shrimp and remove the veins. They will take about 5 minutes to cook when you have stirred them into the sauce. They will become pink on the outside but they are totally cooked through when they are not only pink on the outside but also opaque on the inside too. Five minutes is an estimate. Do not overcook them else they will become tough.

This is a lovely meal and you can serve it with a simple baby leaf salad if you like, drizzling a touch of extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the leaves. Garlic bread is also nice with such a dish, if you do not mind the extra carbs in the meal. If you want to cook spaghetti for dinner but you fancy a change from spaghetti Bolognese, consider this recipe, because it really is delicious, and it is simple to prepare too. Continue reading

Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo

If you are in the mood for a creamy pasta dish but you do not want to make anything complicated, consider this simple but delicious recipe. While the pasta is cooking you can warm up the ingredients for the sauce, then simply toss the two together and the dish is ready. The shrimp can be added to the pot with the pasta a couple of minutes before the end of the cooking time, because it only takes a couple of minutes to cook fully. That would save dirtying another pan, and means you only need 2 pans to make the whole recipe.

The shrimp work really well in this dish but if you would prefer to use cooked chicken breast, that is fine. Either use deli chicken slices or leftover cooked chicken, and stir that into the sauce mixture while it is heating up. This is so easy to make, and can throw the whole dish together in less than half an hour and have it on the table to delight your hungry family. This alfredo shrimp dish is lovely served with Italian bread such as ciabatta, or some garlic bread, as well as a green salad.

The presentation is simple. It can be spooned on to dinner plates and topped with parmesan and a pinch of dried parsley. If you wish, swap the parsley for oregano or basil. A pinch of nutmeg would work instead of the herbs if you prefer to use that. If you like to make pasta but you are tired of the same old tomato sauces recipes every time, consider this. There is really nothing that can go wrong since the sauce is made by heating up the ingredients until they are hot, and it is easy to tell when the pasta and shrimp are cooked. Continue reading

Spinach and Shrimp Pizza Recipe

There are grilled pizza recipes and baked pizza recipes and most of them are interchangeable depending on your mood and the weather! The following shrimp pizza recipe combines spinach, cheese, mushrooms and shrimps, which all go wonderfully together.

Herbs are used to add flavor and the sauce for this shrimp pizza recipe is a combination of milk, garlic and cornstarch rather than the traditional tomato based pizza sauce, because the more delicate white sauce goes better with the delicately flavored seafood topping. Whether you are making grilled pizza recipes or baked pizza recipes, it is vital to keep an eye on the pizza while cooking to ensure you remove it from the oven as soon as the cheese has melted.

Shrimp can be used on all kinds of pizzas because, just like chicken, it is a versatile ingredient, and will team with pretty much any flavors such as spicy ones or even the sweetness of fruit. This recipe features aromatic hints such as oregano, basil and garlic. The pinkness of the shrimp paired with the vivid green of the spinach and the yellow cheese makes this a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate. The creamy, homemade garlic sauce is really decadent too, and preparing it is a breeze. This is a well-rounded pizza which is sure to appeal to pizza fans everywhere. Continue reading

Shrimp Lasagna with Vegetable

Lasagna can be made in numerous ways and this way is one very healthy recipe. Shrimp is good for us with very little fat and tons of protein, and we all know how good vegetables are for us, and that we should be eating a minimum of three to five servings of vegetables and fruits daily. A delicious shrimp and veggie lasagna can be a healthier choice for a meal than traditional lasagna which is typically high in both calories and fat.

Even if you are not necessarily a seafood lover per se, there is a good chance you might like shrimp, as it is a very popular seafood choice. It is tasty but not overpowering as some seafood can be. If you happen to be a vegetarian, this is one dish you will want to experiment with and could possibly become one of your favorites.

If you do not do much cooking and think this may be too difficult to make, rest assured that it will not be too hard if you just have all the ingredients you need on hand. Continue reading

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