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spinach lasagna rolls

Fantastic Spinach Lasagna Rolls

These easy Italian Lasagna rolls are an easy dinner recipe that your family will simply love. In just a matter of a few easy steps you can create this easy and beautiful meal. The flavor of this easy Italian Lasagna rolls recipe is so delectable too. Even the kids will devour this delicious dish and never complain about the spinach! It is a great way to get iron and fiber rich nutrients into the diet of any picky child. It is such a creamy dish with the melted cheeses and sauce, that you might even catch the kids scraping the pan.

The best way to really appreciate this easy Italian Lasagna rolls recipe is to use the freshest ingredients possible. The freshness of the ingredients will really enhance the infused flavors. Try to use at least 80% lean ground beef and fresh parsley with this recipe. You will be pleasantly amazed at the surprising results in the overall taste.

You will want fresh button mushrooms as well, making sure they are firm to the touch. This will give the sauce a decidedly earthy taste that really goes well in this recipe. The fresh grated Parmesan cheese will be the final ingredient to really make this recipe superb. Continue reading

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