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Triple Cheese Stuffed Pasta Shells with Tomato Sauce

This lovely stuffed pasta shell recipe is perfect for vegetarians because it is meat-free, but it also makes a nice dish for carnivores who fancy a change from beef, chicken or pork-based pasta dishes. Feel free to add some ground beef to the sauce if you do want meat in there though. These pasta shells are loaded with tomato sauce and 3 kinds of cheeses, and it is simple to make and a real crowd-pleaser. Nobody can resist the allure of stuffed pasta, especially when the flavor is as good as it is here.

You can double the recipe if you are feeding a crowd, or even double it anyway and then simply freeze one batch for a future meal. Mozzarella, Italian-blend and ricotta cheeses combine with parsley and basil to make the filling for the pasta shells, and then you can arrange the stuffed shells in a baking dish and pour your favorite tomato sauce over the top, either a plain tomato sauce, a herbed kind, or a homemade one if you want.

The pasta shells will be cooked just shy of al dente when you stuff them because they will become more tender in the oven during baking. The cheese filling will melt too, to make the dish so creamy and indulgent. Add some extra cheese on top and keep baking until the dish is piping hot. Serve it with a green salad or your favorite vegetables, and perhaps some garlic bread too. Continue reading

Ricotta-Spinach Ravioli with Garlicky Tomato Sauce

Think of stuffed pasta and what comes to mind first? Perhaps you think of cannelloni or those pasta shells which are big enough to fill. Another popular kind of stuffed pasta is ravioli. This recipe shows you how to make your own ravioli dough, and features a ricotta and spinach filling. The garlic and tomato sauce is also really good and easy to make from scratch. You can make the ravioli a few hours before cooking them, as long as you keep them in the refrigerator until you are ready to cook them. Then you can cook them in a large pot of water while you have the sauce gently simmering in another pan.

Ravioli is always a nice option in Italian restaurants, but learning how to make your own means you can make this delicious Italian dish any time you want and of course you can take your pick from all kinds of filling possibilities. If you want to stir some chili paste through the ravioli after taking out the kids’ portions or add some diced bacon to make it meatier, go ahead. This recipe is amazing whether you choose to tweak it or not.

Making a dish like this from scratch is more labor-intensive than opening a package of readymade ravioli, but you cannot beat the amazing fresh flavor, so if you want to go all-out to impress, this is the perfect recipe, and it is special enough for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. You are sure to win your sweetheart over with this stunning meal. Serve chocolate mousse for dessert, crack open a bottle of champagne to go with it, and you simply cannot go wrong. Continue reading

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