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Turkey Club Pizza

This is an extremely quick turkey club pizza to make. A readymade pizza crust is used as the base and mayonnaise, turkey lunchmeat, and bacon give the pizza flavor and texture. Cheese is sprinkled over the top and baked until it melts and then lettuce and tomato are arranged on top of this turkey club pizza to finish it off.

For a quick yet satisfying lunch, this is one of the best pizza recipes to try out. You can also eat the pizza cool and it is great for picnics too. You can add a bit of hot sauce to the pizza if you like and maybe black pepper. The meat gives it all the salt it needs.

There are all kinds of pizza recipes to choose from but if you want something quick and easy, this one is certainly worth considering. Although it is simple, it is still better than a frozen or delivery pizza because of the fresher flavor. Making your own pizza is also easier on your wallet! Continue reading

Italian Bread Shell Crust Turkey Alfredo Pizza

A thin Italian bread shell crust is used as the base for this tasty turkey Alfredo pizza and Alfredo sauce is spread over the top. This pizza is topped with spinach, turkey, lemon, and cheese. This pizza is deliciously different from other turkey pizzas and the ingredients complement one another very well.

You can use chicken breast rather than turkey breast if you have some that needs to be used up. Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes are sprinkled on this turkey Alfredo pizza before baking and the cheese melts wonderfully over the other ingredients. This is a very good pizza recipe and is more filling that you might think.

Some of the ingredients can be stored for months until you need them, examples including the frozen spinach and prebaked pizza crust. Maybe you already have most of the other ingredients to hand as well, in which case now is the perfect time to get busy making this lovely dish. Continue reading

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