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veal milanesa

Authentic Veal Milanesa

This fabulous Italian dish is served all over Italy, and also in Italian restaurants all over the globe. Served with spaghetti, pasta, gnocchi, or even a simple arugula salad with some sautéed potatoes, this makes a lovely dinner. Veal is especially good in this dish, although turkey or pork could also be used. Kids tend to like this dish very much too, especially the crispy breaded exterior, and you could offer ketchup or mayonnaise as a nice dip for them.

What Does ‘Milanesa’ Mean?

Named after Milan, a city in Italy, milanesa means meat coated in breading. Italian immigrants introduced milanesa to South America during the mass immigration between the 1860s and 1920s, and it is thought the name originally came from cotoletta alla milanesa, which is a dish similar to Austrian wiener schnitzel.

As well as making milanesa using meat, you can also use eggplants or even soy products. Dip the veal (or whatever you are using) into egg and breadcrumbs, adding some herbs or garlic if you wish, and the sauté them in oil in batches. It is also possible to bake them in the oven if you prefer a lower fat alternative. Continue reading

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