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Great Tasting Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes

Lasagna is a dish that is easy to adapt. It is delicious and nutritious. Sometimes, nothing else will satisfy the hunger you have the way that a great tasting dish of lasagna can do. You can make it by using all sorts of ingredients including herbs spices, tomatoes, and cheese and in most cases some type of meat as well as a few other ingredients. However, what if you are not in the mood for a heavy meal full of meat?

What if you want all that great taste without all the different types of meat that some lasagna recipes may include, but you are not interested in a meat diet? Well, if you love good food and you like to cook or you know someone who does, you can always make lasagna without all that meat. In fact, if you search around online, you can find all sorts of vegetarian lasagna recipes much like this one.

However, you should make this one since it tastes great. All you need to make this lasagna recipe is some lasagna noodles, spinach, oil, mushrooms, carrots, and tomato sauce and tomato paste. Add some black olives and some herbs, some cottage cheese and shredded jack cheese and then garnish the lasagna with some grated parmesan cheese. It is quick and easy to make and you will enjoy making and eating it. Continue reading

Vegetable Lasagna with Fresh Garden Zucchini

Lasagna is just one of those meals that appeals to practically everyone but some may shy away from it if they think it is too hard to learn how to cook or perhaps is too unhealthy to indulge in. Well the good news about vegetable lasagna is that you will be cutting out a lot of the calories and fat by not having beef and possibly sausage in it as well.

If you follow right along to a vegetable lasagna recipe you may just discover it was not that hard to cook after all. One nice thing to consider is that once you have mastered the art of cooking lasagna, you may never have to endure another store-bought frozen one ever again.

Cooking for yourself or for whomever you want to cook for can be fun and may even become a new hobby that you truly enjoy. The old saying about “slaving away in the kitchen” does not have to be your reality. It just may be a way for you to forget the worries on your mind as you are focused entirely on creating your vegetarian lasagna creation. Continue reading

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