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Vegetarian Rigatoni Bake

This hearty dish is packed with flavor and it is an easy way to get the kids to eat more vegetables. We suggest using rigatoni pasta for this recipe, which is similar to penne but wider and slightly curved. The pasta combines with cheddar cheese, veggies and a simple sauce made by thickening up crushed tomato with a little cornstarch. This is simple enough to please a child’s palate, ideal for the youngest member of the family who just wants something colorful, cheesy and tasty; is also a nice dinner for the grownups who want a vegetarian dish which lots of natural vegetable flavors packed into it.

If you prefer to use penne, spirals or another pasta shape instead of the rigatoni, go ahead. You can even use whole wheat pasta instead. Cook the pasta to the al dente stage instead of getting it too soft. Remember the pasta bake is going to be in the oven for 40 minutes so it will soften more in there. Fresh vegetables are always best to use, because the texture is firmer and they are tastier, but if you want to use canned or frozen ones, that is also fine.

Something else you can do is swap half the cheddar for mozzarella, or just use a ‘cheese for pasta dishes’ blend, since that will be a similar combination. Some people like to add fresh or dried herbs to the mixture, just to add more flavors to the dish, and you can do that if you wish. Basil and oregano are both nice with tomato-based pasta bake recipes, or consider a pinch of ‘dried mixed herbs’ or even some fresh parsley. Continue reading

How to Make a Vegetarian Tortilla Lasagna

As with traditional lasagna, there are many varieties of tortilla lasagna, or Mexican lasagna. Some are strictly vegan varieties while others are a bit more generous ingredient wise. Here are a few vegetarian ingredients and tips you can use for your next dish of vegetarian tortilla lasagna.

Corn is a staple ingredient in many traditional Mexican dishes and works well in a vegetarian tortilla lasagna dish as well. You can also use a variety of salsa’s, hominy, black beans, refried beans, olives and more. Many of your potential ingredients will be heat and eat variety, canned vegetables and such, so mixing your main layer will be rather simple. Mix your chosen vegetables along with taco seasoning and salsa to make the best vegetarian tortilla lasagna filling.

Start with a layer of tortillas, you may want to begin with a full tortilla in the center and cut a couple in half to fill in around the edges. Over the layer of tortilla’s spread vegetarian mixture, salsa and cheese. Next layer begins with tortilla, more vegetable mixture, and then salsa. Final layer will be tortilla, salsa then sprinkle cheese over the top.

Tortilla LasagnaMost of the time this dish will be baked in a foil covered dish, of course if you want the browned appearance, take the foil off for the final 15 minutes of baking. Garnish with sour cream, fresh tomatoes, salsa and if you like a dollop of guacamole.

Different Kinds of Vegetarian Lasagna

One of the most popular vegetarian lasagna options has to be the whole-wheat vegetarian spinach lasagna. Whole-wheat noodles are a little healthier than regular ones, and spinach is good for you too. Include plenty of creamy ricotta if you are going to make a whole-wheat spinach lasagna. Cottage cheese and parmesan also go nicely.

Another delicious option is crockpot vegetarian lasagna. Whether or not you already knew that lasagna was suitable for slow-cooking, crockpot vegetarian lasagna is an amazing dish. Vegans might enjoy a spinach and tofu lasagna. Despite not containing cheese, a vegan lasagna can be just as tasty and hearty as a conventional one, and lower in fat too.

Eggplant Lasagna Recipe

Eggplant is a good vegetable to base a vegetarian lasagna recipe on and you can include spinach, zucchini, and other vegetables, or just use the eggplant. Greek moussaka is a layered potato and eggplant dish which is not too different from lasagna. If you enjoy moussaka you should also like a vegetarian eggplant lasagna.

For something very different, you could make a lasagna with tofu instead of ricotta and add artichokes, Italian spices, and black olives for maximum taste and appeal. If you are cooking for kids, use lots of colorful veggies and plenty of cheese too. Spaghetti sauce from a jar or can makes light work of making the sauce and serving vegetables in a lasagna makes the little ones keener to eat them.

Vegetarian Lasagna Mexican Style How to Make It

Do you love lasagna but want a spicier albeit vegetarian variety? If you want something a bit healthier but just as tasty as the meat-laden variety, you have come to the right place. You have several different options for creating a good vegetarian Mexican lasagna, so though this is a good ingredient list do not be afraid to toss in a few of your own special ingredients.

Start by dicing your onions and garlic. Heat two tablespoons of butter in a medium or large heavy skillet, and then cook both the onions and the garlic together until they are soft. Next, add your favorite taco seasonings and diced tomatoes to the mix. Stir and heat well.

In another skillet, begin warming your vegetable crumbs. Set aside.Add the frozen corn and black bean mix to your tomato mixture. Stir all the ingredients together completely. Once your vegetables are well heated you can add in the vegetable crumbles. Layer the vegetarian lasagna “meat” mixture with tortilla’s in a baking dish. You may need to trim the round tortilla’s to better fit a rectangular baking dish, but remember to save the access for later fillings.

Vegetarian Lasagna MexicanStart with a cup or two of the vegetarian Mexican filling, two layers of tortillas, more filling, handful of cheese, etc… Bake in oven preheated to 350 for approximately 30 minutes or until the cheese is melted and perhaps lightly browned. The key to great vegetarian Mexican lasagna is getting the correct amount of taco seasoning. You can purchase this pre-made, but if you want a better option with few MSG’s you can make your own. All you need is cumin, paprika, and chili powder.

Greek Lasagna Recipes

Learning how to make vegetarian Mexican lasagna is a great idea because this results in such a mouthwatering meal, but what about learning how to make Greek lasagna? Although some people think of moussaka first when they consider famous Greek lasagna-like dishes, there is another famous Greek recipe which is even more similar to lasagna and it is called pastitsio, sometimes spelt pastichio.

Made with tubular pasta, ground meat, tomatoes, onions and olive oil, along with some parmesan, basil and a bay leaf for seasoning, pastitsio also features a Greek white sauce.

How to Make Greek White Sauce

Greek white sauce is made with flour, oil, milk, eggs, nutmeg, and parmesan, so it is not too dissimilar from the white sauce you already know. The pasta, meat, and sauce are layered in a baking dish and then the pastitsio is baked until the topping is golden brown.

If you are looking for an exciting international take on classic lasagna, you might like to try pastitsio. Serve it with a Greek salad (feta cheese, black olives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and a yogurt dressing perhaps) for a complete meal. Pastitsio is cut into squares and served like lasagna. It looks very similar except for the penne or other tubular pasta used instead of the lasagna sheets.

Savory Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna Recipe

Lasagna should be filling and hearty to be successful. It is with that in mind that you will want to look at some of the different options that you have in an effort to get the best possible dish for your family. One of those choices you are going to have will be the delicious vegetarian lasagna with ricotta cheese spinach filling. This dish is going to be full of flavor and will offer you some nutritional value at the same time. This of course will be important to most people.

When you are looking at the recipes you can use to make your vegetarian lasagna with ricotta cheese spinach filling, you may want to consider the mixture of vegetables that can be put in the dish. While some people might enjoy keeping it simple with just the spinach and ricotta, others might find that they want to add some heartier vegetables into the mix. Because different vegetables do require additional cooking time, you will need to take that into account when you are setting up your dishes.

It will be important for you to consider all the basics that will come into play with these dishes when you are considering the options that you have. That way, you can continue to create meals that are going to impress your family and any guests that you may have invited to come over and enjoy these dishes with you family as well. Take a moment to consider the following dish as a possibility for you to serve. You can of course adjust it to fit your needs as well. Continue reading

The Best Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe for the Crockpot

This recipe is versatile and you can change the ingredients if you want. Use well-drained thawed spinach or fresh spinach, or even add shredded carrots or anything else you need to use up. If you are really in a rush, you can use readymade pasta sauce instead of making your own with the tomato paste, garlic, onions and other sauce ingredients, but making your own will give the lasagna a fresher flavor, so it is your choice.

Making a lasagna in the crockpot guarantees a moist, succulent result. Lasagna is a moist dish but it can dry out in the oven, especially if you overcook it. A crockpot is a sealed container so there is nowhere for the moisture to escape. This means the lasagna cannot fail to come out moist, juicy, and delicious.

This recipe is so flavorful you will not miss the meat. Try adding so roasted red peppers in the cheese layers. You can also swap the ricotta for cottage cheese for a very similar result. This is a supremely satisfying recipe and your kids will love it just as much as you do. Even that well-known, lasagna-loving cat would like this one! Continue reading

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